Touch screen monitor for mac

Sharp Bringing OS X-Compatibility to New 32" 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Just about every other computer manufacturer has added touchscreen options to their laptops, apart from Apple. The company has in the past taken hard-line stances on tech trends, only to renege later on.

It released its Pencil in with the launch of the iPad Pro. Apple launched the 5.

Apple used to be the company that others copied from—and some are still stealing some of its bizarre design decisions. The company almost certainly has some tricks up its sleeves for the future. Look, I know.

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And, while I agree that it would get fatiguing if you were to stand around for any length of time manipulating a vertical screen Minority Report -style , I think that casual interaction—reaching up to tap something on a screen—is hardly the same thing. Which I can say with some confidence as, like many other folks—and like Apple itself advertises—I often use my iPad with a physical keyboard.

So far I have not found myself in need of Tommy Johns surgery.

The challenge of the touch screen Mac

Likewise, I lost track of the number of times that one of my friends with a touchscreen computer reached over to try and scroll something on my screen. There are obstacles to overcome, especially in the case of the software user experience.

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One of the biggest criticisms about using a touch interface on the Mac is that many of the controls on it are too small to easily hit precisely with a fingertip. Frankly, if Apple can build a usable software keyboard on a touchscreen device with a 3. To me the biggest reason for Apple to continue investigating touch-based interfaces on the Mac is simple: touch is the future.