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Explora Tu LAN sin necesidad de instalar. No necesitas instalar. Si Funciona en Windows 7. Tengo Windows 7 en los 2 equipos con los que he probado y funciona perfectamente, tanto el apagado como el en cendido. No funciona con Windows 7. Lo he instalado en windows xp y ordenadores que lleven xp se pueden apagar pero si quieres uno que lleve win dows 7 no podras. AIPS no detectaba nada.

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Este programa no vale para nada. Ideal para la oficina, el anti Robo de internet y Cyber's. For example, if a UI element was being covered by another element, they could drag it to the bottom of the list to make it the top-most item on the window. With the user interface created, the developer will need to expose the UI items so that Xamarin. Mac can access and interact with them in C code. The next section, Outlets and Actions , shows how to do this.

So what are Outlets and Actions? In traditional. The developer must explicitly expose the UI element to code.

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In order do this, Apple provides two options:. In Xcode, Outlets and Actions are added directly in code via Control-dragging.

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More specifically, this means that to create an Outlet or Action , the developer will choose a control element to add an Outlet or Action to, hold down the Control key on the keyboard, and drag that control directly into the code. For Xamarin. Mac developers, this means that the developer will drag into the Objective-C stub files that correspond to the C file where they want to create the Outlet or Action.

Visual Studio for Mac created a file called ViewController.

This stub. Mac project when a new NSWindow is created. This file will be used to synchronize the changes made by Interface Builder and is where the Outlets and Actions are created so that UI elements are exposed to C code. With a basic understanding of what Outlets and Actions are, create an Outlet to expose the Label created to our C code. In Xcode at the far right top-hand corner of the screen, click the Double Circle button to open the Assistant Editor:. The Xcode will switch to a split-view mode with the Interface Editor on one side and a Code Editor on the other.

Notice that Xcode has automatically picked the ViewController. From the discussion on what Outlets and Actions are above, the developer will need to have the ViewController. The last step was very important! In the Interface Editor , hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click-drag the label created above onto the code editor just below the interface ViewController: A dialog box will be displayed.

Next, expose the button to C code. Just like the Label above, the developer could wire the button up to an Outlet.

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Since we only want to respond to the button being clicked, use an Action instead. With the user interface wired-up and exposed to C code, switch back to Visual Studio for Mac and let it synchronize the changes made in Xcode and Interface Builder.

It probably took a long time to create the user interface and Outlets and Actions for this first app, and it may seem like a lot of work, but a lot of new concepts were introduced and a lot of time was spent covering new ground. After practicing for a while and working with Interface Builder, this interface and all its Outlets and Actions can be created in just a minute or two.

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When the developer switches back to Visual Studio for Mac from Xcode, any changes that they have made in Xcode will automatically be synchronized with the Xamarin. Mac project.

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Select the ViewController. Visual Studio for Mac listens for changes to the. Notice that ViewController. Normally, the developer will never need to open the ViewController. In most situations, Visual Studio for Mac will automatically see any changes made in Xcode and sync them to the Xamarin. In the off occurrence that synchronization doesn't automatically happen, switch back to Xcode and then back to Visual Studio for Mac again. This will normally kick off a synchronization cycle. With the user interface created and its UI elements exposed to code via Outlets and Actions , we are finally ready to write the code to bring the program to life.

For this sample app, every time the first button is clicked, the label will be updated to show how many times the button has been clicked. To accomplish this, open the ViewController. First, create a class-level variable in the ViewController class to track the number of clicks that have happened. Edit the class definition and make it look like the following:. Next, in the same class ViewController , override the ViewDidLoad method and add some code to set the initial message for the label:.

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If the developer tried to access the label control before the. Next, add the code to respond to the user clicking the button. Add the following partial method to the ViewController class:. This code attaches to the Action created in Xcode and Interface Builder and will be called any time the user clicks the button. The developer can build and run all in one step, or they can build it without running it. The developer can select the type of build from the Configuration Selector at the upper left-hand corner of the Visual Studio for Mac screen:. In the case of this example, we just want a debug build, so ensure that Debug is selected.

If there weren't any errors, a Build Succeeded message will be displayed in Visual Studio for Mac's status bar. If there were errors, review the project and make sure that the steps above have been followed correctly. Start by confirming that the code both in Xcode and in Visual Studio for Mac matches the code in the tutorial. With the basics of working with a Xamarin. Mac application down, take a look at the following documents to get a deeper understanding:.

The Mac Samples Gallery contains ready-to-use code examples to help learn Xamarin. Es una gozada: Pues yo instale Mac OS X Anteriormente pude intalarlo con VMware sobre Suse Gracias de antemano por vuestro tiempo. Le agradeceria si me pueden ayudar. Hola Dani, queria consultarte sobre la instalacion del OsX en PC, pues me anime a instalarlo tengo el DVD del tiger, booteo con el CD, me aparece la manzanita y todo lo demas, pero cuando entro a Disk Utility para ver los discos no me aparece ningun disco ni siquiera el disk C, solo me aparece el lector del DVD. Es decir, tener tu PC de casa como sifuera un Mac, a un precio sustancialmente inferior.

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